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Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend
8/23/13 - Linda Gellasch, Community Media Center, 88.1FM, WYCE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Ron Bennington Interviews - Sirius Radio
WKSU 89.7, Kent State Radio
Sportsradio 1310 Dallas - 'The Ticket'
Cincinnati Radio Interview

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Al Casey

Herb Alpert

Tommy Tedesco and Wayne Newton

Tommy Tedesco 1996

Earl Palmer

Earl Palmer

George Harrison and Joe Osborn

Steve Douglas

Dennis Budimir and Tommy Tedesco

Hal Blaine

Pohlman and Dennis Budimir

Herb Alpert and Julius


Jim Horn and Jay Migliori

Joe Osborn

Joe Osborn and Carol Kaye


Larry Knechtel

Larry Knechtel

Larry Knechtel

Leon Russell

Michelle Phillips

Pete Jolly

Hal Blaine, Ray Pohlman and Lyle Ritz

Ray Pohlman and Sammy Davis, Jr.

Ray Pohlman

Steve Douglas

Tommy Tedesco

Tommy Tedesco

Carol Kaye

Don Randi

Brian Wilson, Hal Blaine

Carol Kaye, Bill Pitman

Director, Denny Tedesco

Denny & Tommy Tedesco

Glen Campbell

Hal Blaine, Brian Wilson, Ray Pohlman

Glen Campbell, Hal Blaine

Hal Blaine

Hal Blaine

Hal Blaine

Plas Johnson

Phil Spector "Hero" date

Tommy Tedesco

Tommy Tedesco, Hal Blaine

Tommy Tedesco, Carol Kaye

Dean Martin, Glen Campbell

Steve Douglas

Goldstar Studios - Street View

Larry Knechtel, Hal Blaine

Lou Adler

Lou McCreary

Plas Johnson

Tommy Tedesco and the Sandpipers

Denny with Leon Russell

Brian Wilson and Bill Pitman

Joe Osborn

Brian Wilson

Hal Blaine and Nancy Sinatra

Ray Pohlman and Petula Clark

Published and Online Reviews

The Sound, Los Angeles - 100.3FM
Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY
Detroit News
San Diego Reader
Vallejo Times-Herald - Review 1 - Review 2

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